How it works

How it Works

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service (NNS) in collaboration with Wisconsin Watch delivers information directly to residents on demand through brief, targeted text messages, social media posts, and online investigative news stories. 

Texting allows for two-way conversations with Milwaukee residents on issues ranging from food security, housing, employment, civil rights and public health — allowing us to share information you’ve asked for.

Engagement starts when a resident subscribes to our texting service, which provides information in English or Spanish.

We occasionally send information people can use and invite residents to ask questions or share feedback. When someone asks a question, a News414 reporter will respond with actionable information as soon as they can. For example, when some requested information about utilities, here’s how we responded:


To sign up, click here. An automated text from a 414 number will welcome you to News414 and instruct you on how to finish signing up. Please save that number in your phone and text us there if you ever want to connect with a reporter.

Or you can text the letters MKE to the number 414-409-5831. You will automatically get a welcome message from a 414 number. Save that number in your phone for future texting.